Premium Irish Cider



You’re never far away from a great time when you’re in the heart of Dublin.

The Slattery’s have been at the centre of Dublin’s good times since the 1870’s bringing with them a passion for high quality and expertly crafted beers, ciders and wines. Learning the trade in the traditional ways, the Slattery family ran bars and music venues in Capel Street, a stone’s throw from the river Liffey and they are still there today.

True to character, the Slattery’s saw fit to be a little different and created Jack Slattery’s Premium Cider as an alternative to the usual Dublin beverage.

This was definitely a new take on what Dublin does best!


Despite our urban status, Jack Slattery’s cider is produced using traditional ingredients from the Irish countryside. Pressed from a secret blend of cider, dessert and culinary apples, our production methods replicate time honoured cider-making processes ensuring the high quality of our cider.

It’s with pride and skill that our cider is nurtured through the crushing and fermentation process to produce the unique balanced flavour of Jack Slattery’s Premium Irish Cider. What’s more we never rush our cider, it’s allowed to mature for up to 2 years. That’s why we like to say it’s 100% finest Irish cider.

Available in 50cl cans, Jack Slattery’s Cider is a full flavoured 6% ABV, which is a little more robust than the competition…but so was Jack!


In true Irish fashion, we aren’t satisfied with keeping Jack Slattery's to ourselves and now a little bit of Dublin is available to discerning folk across the globe.

Just to reassure you, we don’t believe in 'export strength' this and 'different blend that'…you get the same high quality cider where ever you are!

So, if you're soaking up the atmosphere in Hyde Park, chatting at La Playa or admiring the Empire State you know that Jack Slattery's can be enjoyed to the same standard as if you were picnicking with friends by the Liffey.

Next time you are popping coals onto the BBQ or waiting for the next band to come on stage, crack open a Jack Slattery's Premium Cider…it's a truly 100% refreshing Irish cider made for people who appreciate a slightly different take on things.

Talking about a different take, we couldn't help but put some of Jack's ideas out there, so here’s one more just for luck…